Recovery Start Kit: The First 130 Days

Recovery Start Kit: The First 130 Days


The Recovery Start Kit was created by Dr. Patrick J. Carnes and contains materials for the first 130 days of recovery. Research shows building a solid foundation for your recovery is crucial in the first four months. The Recovery Start Kit helps you focus on the tasks, plan your recovery, and reclaim your positive sexual focus. This program is organized in three phases. The first phase (40-Day Focus) helps you focus on your first step and establishing sobriety. The second phase (90-Day Prep) helps you prepare for the first 90 days. The third phase, (90-Day Focus) helps structure deep change at a personal, behavioral and neuronal level. The Recovery Start Kit is designed to be used with a therapist who specializes in treating sexual addiction.

The Recovery Start Kit includes:

  • Books
    • The 40-Day Focus: Book One (184 pages)
    • The 90-Day Prep: Book Two (114 pages)
    • The 90-Day Focus: Book Three (200 pages)
  • MP3 (Download Links)
    • Recovery Start Introduction,
    • 40-Day Focus,
    • Positive Sexual Focus,
    • 90-Day Focus,
  • MP4 (Download Link)
    • A Conversation with John Bradshaw and Dr. Patrick Carnes
  • Planner Worksheets
    • 90-Day Planner
    • One Year Planner
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