Cruise Control (Bundle)

Cruise Control (Bundle)


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Now an e-book! @ $9.99/AVAILABLE NOW! Sex is always part of Ed’s day, whether he’s masturbating during his morning shower, cruising the mall during lunch, or engaging in his post-workout gym ritual. He often spends whole weekends either searching for sex partners or having sex. In his rigidly compartmentalized daily sexual activities, Ed reveals a part of himself that his friends and coworkers most likely wouldn’t recognize. About 10 percent of gay men are sex addicts. For gay men like Ed who may have a problem with anonymous online hook-ups, porn, sex clubs, and prostitutes, the first step toward personal growth is to gain as much knowledge as possible about sexual addiction. Cruise Control will help readers determine whether or not they are sex addicts and how to reclaim their sexual health. This second edition is revised and expanded to include the impact of social media and mobile apps like Grindr (which uses GPS technology for instant hookups) on the “epidemic” of sex addiction in gay males. Discover the important distinction between being a gay sex addict and a gay man exploring his sexual

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