Facing Heartbreak (Bundle)

Facing Heartbreak (Bundle)


Bundle – Buy 8 get 1 free – Facing Heartbreak is the first workbook written specifically for partners of sex addicts that applies Dr. Patrick Carnes’ research-based thirty task model to treating the trauma of discovering yourl oved one is a sex addict. This revolutionary model assists partners in coping with the trauma, and empowers them to use boundaries and heal from the wreckage of betrayal. This valuable resource supports all partners regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Facing Heartbreak offers a series of specific tasks and exercises that educate, empower, and guide the reader through a process of recovery as they reclaim their lives from heartbreak and betrayal to hope and healing. The authors weave real life experiences with practical therapeutic advice to navigate through the devastation of sexual addiction and the impact it has on the partner.

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