TOPS | Treatment of Prostitution Solicitors | Facilitator’s Manual

TOPS | Treatment of Prostitution Solicitors | Facilitator’s Manual


The Treatment of Prostitution Solicitors (T.O.P.S.) Program is an innovative new treatment program for individuals who struggle with prostitution use and it is designed for use in group therapy.

This is a cutting-edge treatment program designed to reduce the demand for sex buying. Whether it is compulsive or addictive sexual behavior, or if it is problem-atic pornography use, the innovative tools in this comprehensive treatment pro-tocol can assist in eliminating these problematic behaviors.

The T.O.P.S. program contains a facilitator guide and a participant manual to make group therapy engaging and effective. You do not have to be someone who uses sex compulsively or who suffers with addictions to benefit from T.O.P.S. However, it is critical to your well-being (as someonewho has a history of hiring people to perform sexual favors, acts, or behaviors, or even to provide companionship) to better understand yourself and ultimately find the answers to why you thought paying for sex was a good option.

Spending time working with your therapist, being in a twelve-step program, and engaging with your therapy group for the T.O.P.S. program are the best ways to use the materials in this workbook—and enter a lifetime of change, a life we call recovery.

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