Cosette Rae

Cosette Rae

COSETTE RAE, MSW, LICSW, ACSW, CDWF – Cosette is the CEO of reSTART Life, the nation’s first and foremost provider of programs specializing in sustainable digital media use for people and the planet. Since 2009, reSTART has grown to offer innovative care to adolescent youth and emerging adults in multiple campuses in one of the fastest growing cities in America.

Now known as Silicon Valley North, reSTART is keenly positioned in the Pacific Northwest to offer the latest and most innovative care for problematic digital media use and co-occurring life difficulties. reSTART’s soon to be corporate hive is less than a mile south of Microsoft’s headquarters, in the Bellevue Technology Center. A suitable location, which comes complete with irony, laughter and playfulness.

Cosette worked in the IT field for over 20 years and was an early tech-adopter. As societies appetite for connectivity grew, so too did her curiosity; “As people, are we becoming more connected -or- less connected?”

For answers, she advanced her education, graduating with an MSW from the University of Washington. Shortly thereafter, she co-founded the first program of its kind to address internet addiction issues in the US.

Cosette’s curiosity continues to captivate her attention. She regularly questions the role augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of things will play in human connectedness and looks for partnerships with those seeking connection to what matters most – life.

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